Canon PIXMA TS9150

How to configure Pixma TS9150

Canon PIXMA TS9150 wifi able to print Using this website, users may investigate the many wireless print options as well as apps that really are accessible while using a PIXMA device. For each wireless print option, users can get a brief overview of the available functionalities as well as a database of compatible PIXMA devices.

Wireless configuration for the Canon Pixma TS9120

  • Understand the methods to configure the wireless network for the Canon TS9120 printer, as well as how to reboot the device to factory settings.
  • Several gateways (also known as router or hub) provide an automated connecting option called “WPS,” which stands for Wi-Fi Shielded Setup.
  • It enables approved devices, including such as the Canon PIXMA TS9120, to join the internet without entering a credential therefore it enables a rapid and easy method of integrating the goods.
  • This approach is undeniably a great way to connect the Canon Pixma TS9120, thus when the accessible location has a WPS icon kindly pick the ‘WPS Relationships Technique’ option below for instructions on attaching through this technique.
  • If the network supports WPS, we have included alternative instructions to connect the Canon Pixma TS9150, therefore choose the ‘Standard Relationships Methods’ item beneath.


Canon PIXMA TS9150 Wifi WPS connectivity Procedure

While we begin, several prerequisites should be completed in order to implement the WPS icon method:

  • A specific genuine WPS push icon should be provided at the entry point. For information, kindly consult the consumer handbook of the device. Kindly utilize the Regular Network Settings option if your WPS switch isn’t really visible.
  • The Wireless Protected Access (WPA) and WPA2 authentication process should be used in the connection. This interface is used by many WPS-certified entry points.

Method 1

  • Ensure the device is activated.
  • Click and hold down the icon [Wi-Fi] mostly on the device head till the alert light blows once again.

Method 2

  • Ensure the user begins flashing blue adjacent to that key then returns to the entry point and clicks [WPS] two minutes after this.
  • Kindly see the user’s handbook for precise information on activating WPS at the entry point.
  • The (blue) wireless bulb upon this printer continues to blink throughout searches, but when connected to the connection location power & Wi-Fi lighting flash.
  • If users really are able to join the wifi connection properly, the power, as well as wireless light, quit blinking & stay lighted.

The Canon PIXMA TS9150 Wi-Fi connection configuration confirmation

  1. Ensure the device is enabled.
  2. Insert a blank piece of paper A4 / letter format
  3. Hold down the Stop tab till it flares fifteen times till an alert light glows and releases it thereafter.
    You can print off the Connection Details sheet.

When the reference has to be made to the print, ensure whether the Connections displays ‘active’ so this the wifi channel’s Service Setup Identifier (SSID) shows the full title.

  • The WPS installation process is closed.
  • Afterward, continue with the software installation in order to maximize the Canon Pixma TS9120.
  • Users may retrieve the documentation as well as applications by picking the model through the Canon TS9120 variety webpage if users don’t need the disc that was included in the unit.
  • Kindly contact the company’s customer services for more information, when the WPS Wifi configuration remains fails while implementing these instructions.

Restore the connection configurations in the original configuration of the Canon Pixma TS9150

Users may do this by implementing the steps if you really require to restore the connection configurations return to an original factory, for instance, if users modify the point of access.

Follow the steps beneath to begin the connection configuration:
  • Hold down the icon RESUME or CANCEL since the bulb blinks 17 times.
  • Click the icon RESUME or CANCEL.
  • Network configurations are restored to normal configuration for the manufacturer.
  • Kindly contact the company’s customer services for more information, whether this procedure fails even after implementing this instruction.

Canon Pixma TS9150 Wifi Norm:

This software must be used in the selected version for full functionality. You may also configure the canon ts9120 for wifi copying and scans. We strongly suggest you set up the My Images Gardens program for greater personal competence. Throughout the Disc that you delivered using the original estimate, a variant of this ordinary software may have included.

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